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Inform. Inspire. Persuade.

Ghostwriting for

C-Suite Executives

All C-suite executives have two things in common: they inspire those around them—and they never have enough time. Written By provides the most effective and efficient solution for executives who need to produce A+ content but simply don’t have the bandwidth to do it.

Whether it’s a time sensitive blog post, an internal email unveiling a new initiative, or a bylined article for an industry publication, Written By helps executives communicate their ideas, opinions, and priorities—in their own authentic and real voice.


Work in corporate communications and need help creating content for your CEO, COO, or other C-Suite executives? Written By is your answer.


How we

can Help 

Nothing is more important in the year 2023 than clear and honest communication. And in the business world, it’s an absolute must. Company to consumer. Executive to employee. Person to person.

The words executives use to talk to their customers, board members, and internal staff need to be thoughtful, authentic, and clear. Concise yet convincing. Inspiring yet informative. Engaging and authentic.

Written By excels at capturing the personality of executives and putting their words on the page.

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“A word after a word after a word is power.”


- Margaret Atwood

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